W e l c o m e  t o

t h e  w a t e r f o r m s

o f  o u r  c o l o r w a v e s


Ciao with warmthness to all of you energetic colorful humans out there
which are leaving important footsteps on our website.
Thank you deeply for dropping by and thank you for sharing your moment of time with us.
Please feel free and purely welcome to explore the music, lyrics, artwork and as well
the videos that you can find here at our digital base of home.
But most of all dear friends, enjoy your ride fearlessly
in total freedom of harmony. Be thankful for the floating form of yourself,
trust the flow completely and we will meet somewhere on the way in our waves.
Feel all the colors. Be like water.


Fear nothing in you, feel what is in truth
K æ r l e I k u r